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The conversation around the metaverse has gotten louder in the past year with analysts projecting that it will only keep growing this year. The concept of the metaverse has sparked the interest of many from big tech companies and venture capitalists to everyday people like you and me. Why?

The metaverse is expected to essentially redefine how we use the internet to connect, interact, work and play. For this reason, everyone wants to jump in early and grab themselves a piece of the pie. In the recent past, we have seen big tech companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, Sony, and Nvidia among others make various announcements that position them somewhere in the metaverse.

2022, is set to be a key year in the development and growth of the metaverse concept. This can be illustrated by the fact that leaders across diverse industries are investing heavily in the research and development of the emerging metaverse concept.

Simply put, a metaverse is a virtual representation of reality, where users can interact with others via custom-made avatars. In the Metaverse you can attend concerts, play games, visit art galleries and exhibitions and visit other places within the virtual world.

Already, projects like Decentraland and Sandbox, both of which are metaverses in their own right, have received a lot of public and media attention as they have proved that the concept of the metaverse is both profitable and interactive. This has led to many other projects launching their own metaverses with an effort to achieve even better results.

Recently, BixBcoin – a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency running on its own blockchain announced via a tweet that they will be moving to the metaverse via Metabix, a metaverse native to BixBcoin.

BixBcoin is a unique peer-to-peer cryptocurrency in that it runs on its own blockchain and works within a proof-of-work consensus algorithm. Interestingly, it is independent of governments, institutions, companies, or organizations as it was created by a diverse group of experts from various countries, who wanted to create a more convenient system for public use.

BixBcoin is a product of MRM Group, that is set to provide various blockchain solutions globally and has a distributed crew scattered throughout the globe. The team members are based in various countries, thus enabling the independence and sovereignty of BixBcoin.

Since its inception, BixBcoin, which has a total of 3,000,000 coins in circulation, has achieved significant success with the value of one $BIXB at $28.69 at the time of writing. Given that it is an independent coin that has showcased a clear road map and potential for growth, the news that it will be launching its metaverse is great news.

From other cryptocurrencies that have followed the same route, the value of their native coins increases significantly. This means that the BixBcoin community and other key stakeholders stand to benefit from this bold move.

Achievements so far

The team behind BixBcoin has demonstrated commitment and professionalism by entering into key partnerships since they launched back in March 2020. One of their most notable achievements is the “Loanypto” – a decentralized lending system that allows BIXB holders to access low-interest loans.

Based on the commitment of the team and the success of Loanypto, it would be safe to assume that Metabix, which is arguably a key component of the BixBcoin blockchain will also be a success.

Additionally, the project has also partnered with Victory Games and Toto, to have BixBcoin used as an in-game currency for games produced by the outfits. In the abstract, this goes to show the determination and structure of the project towards growth in the Blockchain space.

BixBcoin recently hinted via a tweet that they will be launching their metaverse, dubbed the Metabix soon. This created a buzz among the BixBcoin community, as a move to the metaverse means more success and profit for the community. In the past, when a metaverse is launched, especially by a reputable project such as BixBcoin, the value of the cryptocurrency increases significantly.

The future seems to be bright for Metabix, and if history is anything to be relied on, the team behind the project together and the community will drive Metabix to be a success and leader in the space. For this reason, the Metabix metaverse is something to look out for!


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