Video Yesterday: Yellen & Powell on Russian Sanctions, The Dollar, Reserve Currency & Bitcoin Accelerating the Shift to Multiple Reserve Currencies – Senators Concerned About The Decline of the Dollar

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Thing is, it would take someone in the know but not a career politician, to in a sense inflitrate either party and run and then pretty much anything theyd do, if it goes against the central banks or whoever is above that, I can only imagine what the media would do. The media in America would be like “____ is basically Hitler” or they’d just like cancel them which means they can’t get support from people who eventually catch on that whoever ran wasn’t D or R but rather against the establishment.

And I guess that’s not too far fetched. Like it could happen but how would you be able to if the media is lying or saying whatever because the guy they don’t like is one that’ll break away from central banks or if the guy is actually a bad dude.

Like if Elon Musk ran for President (yes, I know he can’t lol) but I think he’d win unanimously but the media wouldn’t like it because he’s got enough money that he can’t be controlled by the banks ya know? We need someone like that… someone who’s rich and does things in the best interests of the people who “voted” for him.

We also need to make sure like if we’re gonna vote, the people should be shown undeniable proof that the elections are secure so we don’t get more drama like in 2016 and in 2020.

Other than that, their all afraid of what Crytpo is.

I mean, right now we’re only in the beginning of crypto, one day it might be the reason we don’t have to fight in wars anymore or it might be the reason that the media can’t trick a bunch of me and my buddies to go looking for WMDs in a desert LOL

Me personally, Bill Burr for President
Joey Diaz for VP
Slogan “America got its balls back cock suckas” I laughed too hard at that lol but … Crypto is the MF FUTURE BOIIIIIII


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